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Client: Sunshower

MMID Full service design team

The Sunshower Pure transforms the bathroom into a wellness space. You can now enjoy maximum relaxation when showering and experience the healing effect of infrared. This new type of enjoyment is part of the current trend, in which the bath tub makes room for a spacious shower. By using the Sunshower Pure every day, your quality of life is increased, without extra time being taken up.

The Sunshower Pure is fully concealed in the wall. The design of the Sunshower Pure is a smooth glass plate with an upright aluminium edge. The Sunshower Pure is available in either a white or black finish and can be installed at either standing or sitting height. In this  way your shower changes into a functional infrared cabin. The bathroom lights up warmly as soon as the Sunshower Pure turnes on. This gives a pleasant ambiance and the intensive warmth works on the body like a magnet.

Role: Designer
Year released: 2012