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Client: ITAB Scanflow

Pilots Design team

The MoveFlow is a self-check-out-system for supermarkets.

Just put your grocery-basket one side, scan your products and fill your bag on the other side.
The friendly design, is playfull, easy to use and can easily change colors or materials to fit the supermarket’s identity
The Graphic User Interface completes the ‘easy to use’ experience, with a clear lay-out and the option to weigh and price your fruit and vegetables with the built in scanner-scale.

ITAB asked Pilots Product Design to come up with a unique design, totally different from current supermarket self-scan units. Our aim was to give the MoveFlow a more domestic feel and make it flexible enough to fit in any supermarket. The end-result has been a success and even lead to introducing a new subbrand ITAB Scanflow, with more products, and an ongoing collaboration between ITAB and Pilots.
It was great fun to work on this project developing it’s designlanguage and redesigning the GUI.

Want to know more about this product? Please visit ITAB Scanflow


Role: Designer
Year released: 2009