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Client: Oilily

Pilots Design team & Brandnew design

Oilily Lucky Girl is a new fragrance aiming at young and cheerful girls who enjoy life. Lucky Girls are girls who are getting to know themselves and the world around them. They write their secrets in notebooks and confide in their friends…

Their rooms are an empire where they talk about fashion, fragrances, make up and boys…

The felt sleeved bottle and colorfull packaging ar a result of a powerfull colaboration between Pilots Product design and BrandNew design.
We had great time developing the different worlds and scenario’s that became the base of the new Lucky girl fragrance line-up (different sizes perfume bottles and body lotion).
The perfume is aimed at girls aged between 10 and 13 years old. A time in their lives where a lot of things are changing. The girls are getting to know themselves and the world around them. They convide in their friends and write their secrets in there diaries. Their rooms are like their empire where they talk about fashion, fragramces, make-up and boys.
The flacons are created on a game of motifs and materials. Joyful colours symbolize luminous world of young girls’ feelings. The vibrant colored “dresses” complete with a number of applications are unique. Each of the three differntly sized bottles have their own dress, with different removable elements (star, flower and heart).
The”Lucky Girls” can exchange these elements with their best friends, or use them to decorate their agenda’s, pencils or buttons.

Lucky girls is produced and distrubuted by Colorful Licenses and is in store now!


Role: Designer
Year released: 2010