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Client: Kverneland Megatronics

Pilots Design Team

When you think of farming you might not immediately think about computers and software. But farming has become a high end industry that uses the latest technologies in their advantage

Kverneland Group Mechatronics is a company that understands this need like no-one else and combines the latest agriculture software with state of the art control systems.
They created a new product-line called IsoMatch to suit the farmers needs. The first product in the series is the IsoMatch Tellus an easy to use touchscreen terminal that helps you monitor and control all processes with a single terminal in the tractor.

The design of the IsoMatch series was done by Pilots Product Design and I had a mayor part developing the design language and designing the IsoMatch Tellus and the Isomatch Global (a GPS unit, not released yet.)
The Isomatch series are characterized bij the use of brushed aluminum, plastics and a colorfull (OEM costumizable) seal. It’s rugged, honest in material use, and provides grip where needed. We felt the need to take the IsoMatch series to a higher level by making it more contemporary and giving it a quality feel with refined detailing. The combination of high-end software and matching design will give the competitors a run for their money!

The IsoMatch Tellus was successfully launched at the Agritechnica 2009.

You can also visit the Kverneland Group Mechatronics website for more information.


Role: Designer
Year released: 2009