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Client: BrAun (50 years of BrAun exhibition)

Our world is over technologized and we tend to forget and enjoy daily things in life. Evidence can be found in our kitchen where blenders and food processors are taking over our place.

BasicKnives reinterperteds one of our most basic kitchen tools, the knife. It incorporates different (cutting) tools within the blade surface, making other tools in the kitchen drawer redundant.

The BK set contains;
6” cooks knife with grater/crusher and herb-scoop
4” paring knife with vegetable peeler
3.5” paring knife with zest/decorating tool

The BasicKnives project was a result of a collaboration project between the RCA and BrAun.
The knives were also shown at the 50 year BrAun exhibition.

Role: Designer
Year released: 2005, concept design (not in production)