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Client: Idento Operations B.V.

MMID Full service design team

“Redesign an automatic milk machine for cows, where three different brands will be developed for three different market areas.”Idento enlisted the help of MMID for the redesign of the current milking machine. This 3rd generation has a different framework, where the technical management of the milking machine is centralized. In a machine with two boxes, where two cows can be milked at the same time, this has especially reduced the number of parts required.

Due to the centralization of the parts in the middle unit, the machines can easily be tuned and tested at the end of the assembly line, which has shortened production time. The new machine uses less unique parts, so the production area requires less storage space. The machine is also designed so that the installation on the farm takes less time.


Role: Designer, Brand Identity specialist
Year released: 2012